Face, Skin, Face Packs, And Ayurvedic Face Pack

When it comes to skin care, we often pay more emphasis to our face in comparison to other regions. We all wish for a healthy facial skin because it helps boost one?s confidence. Ayurveda is the most useful…

Banana Peel, Acne, Banana Peel Remedy, And Humble Banana Peel

Did you ever get irritated with acne? Tried numerous medicines and ointments, but ended up disappointed because they didn?t deliver as promised? Then the humble banana peel is what you should be looking for! The method of using…

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Water, Body, Drinking Water, And Exercise

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South Indian, South Indian Diet, South Indian Food, And Weight Loss

At first, when I heard the words weight loss and South Indian diet together, I could not help stop laughing at the irony. Was that your reaction too? All those yummy South Indian dishes cannot possibly help lose…

Angel Food Cake, Slightly Spicy Seasonings, Commonly Used Spices, And Extra Devilish Credentials

Some random trivia you ought to know, because the devil is in the details. ?Deviled? as a culinary term goes back to the 1700s, and it originally meant to cook something?anything?with lots and lots of hot and spicy…

Mango Seed, Mango Seed Powder, Mango Seed Butter, And Powdered Mango Seed

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