How to Stop People From Tagging You On Facebook

Sometime last year I made a training video about how to stop people from tagging you on facebook. Since then, it seems to have helped quite a few people so I decided, “Hey, why not put all of my “how to” videos in one place?”

And that’s how The How To King was born.

So without further adieu, lets go ahead and share the video below so that you can stop people from tagging you on facebook.

Hopefully after watching this video you now understand how to stop people from tagging you on facebook.

And please know, many times facebook likes to make changes to their platform/design, etc. So if at any point you notice that something in this video becomes irrelevant just let me know and I’ll record an updated version and place it here.

Thanks for stopping by…

-The How To King
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Since 2004 The How to King has studied internet marketing and how to make money online. Since then, blogging turned into one of his greatest passions. Now in 2016 and beyond The How to King's sole purpose is to teach people "how to" empower themselves. Particularly through the power of entrepreneurship and the utilization of the internet.

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